How Can I Protect My Canvas?

Posted by Tom on Friday, July 24th, 2009 at 4:06 am

Penny asked: I received a canvas art from my sister in Australia.   She sent it to me in a tube. She said I need to have it stretched on a frame and sprayed with a UV coating/protectant, so it will to resist fading.   Do you provide this service and do you carry the spray that she is talking about?

A: (Tom) Hi Penny, and thanks for the question. When we create a canvas, we always apply a UV protective coating and ship it professionally stretched and ready to hang. This way, we know the coating is compatible with the print and the canvas. For that reason, we do not accept un-stretched canvases   for that sort of finishing. However, if you can obtain the digital image from your sister, we’d be happy to print, UV coat, stretch, and deliver a beautiful canvas to you.


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