Copyrights and Canvases

Posted by Mom on Monday, December 20th, 2010 at 6:24 pm

Question from Lynn:  I purchased a Canvas On Demand from Groupon.  Can you make a canvas from a picture taken at a professional studio or is it copyrighted? Please advise.

Answer from Tom and Joe:  Hi Lynn, and thanks for the great question!   You may use any image you would like, if you have the rights to reproduce it. The Copyright Act protects photographers by giving the “author” of a photograph the exclusive right to reproduce it. This includes the right to control the making of copies. That is why you will be asked to agree to the following statement on both our online and prepaid mailer forms: I certify that I own the copyright for this photo(s) or, I am authorized by the owner to make and use a photo-to-canvas reproduction.

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