Question About Texture from Eva

Posted by Mom on Monday, August 8th, 2011 at 8:06 am

Question from Eva:

I’m not sure what a canvas photo is. Can you tell me something about the texture  Thanks, Eva.

Answer from Joe:

Thanks for the great qustion, Eva.  At Canvas on Demand, we take favorite photos which our customers upload online to us, and we use them to create beautiful works of art on canvas.  The customer can choose to have it finished with or without a frame, select the size they want, and decide if they prefer the image to be exactly like the photo or to have the look of a brush-stroked painting.  We also can touch up older photos.  The texture is of high-quality canvas and is made to last many years.  We hear from customers every week who tell us their canvas will surely be a family heirloom.


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