A Horse of a Different Color

Posted by Mom on Tuesday, August 16th, 2011 at 10:32 am

Horses and colors go together!  I was stunned by a few horse canvases we created for customers recently.  June developed an amazing image and told us how she accomplished it:  “I took a photo of my horse Missy, using my computer, gave the photo a painted effect, and also changed the coloration.”  And what awesome results you got, June.  She asked us to make it into a 30 X 60 canvas, and she hung it on a high wall where it had plenty of space to be admired. 

A Creative Canvas!

Michael sent us a photo which he calls Three Horses. He told us, “These three mares belong to one of several wild horse bands near Placitas, New Mexico, north of Albuquerque.  I’m a repeat customer, so I wasn’t surprised at the quality of the images. Service is great, and I’m impressed with how well you package your product!”  I am curious, Michael, how you got close enough to those wild horses to snap such a wonderful close-up.  And thanks for your continued business.

Wild Horses

The next canvas is filled with color!  Carol says, “Autumn Colors was taken in October in the Catskills, NY. The young lady’s orange suede jacket really added ‘pop’ to the gorgeous leaves and the Appaloosa mare. The bond between the girl and her horse is obvious. It’s been about a year since I first received COD’s generous offer of a free 16×20 canvas. Thanks!”

Horse and Fall Colors

Gary is obviously very proud of his photo and his horse! In his testimonial he says, “This is the 2009 National Spotted Saddle Horse World Grand Champion. There is no better way to showcase a moment like this than with a canvas.  The service is always great. I have tried other companies, but Canvas On Demand has the best quality canvas and stretcher bar construction. The Beehive hangers are fantastic. And the shipping is top rate.” 

A Champion

Thanks to all these customers for their kind words and for sharing their images.  Late summer and early fall are perfect times to enjoy those beautiful horses!  Mom

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